Dyci Manns is a model, presenter, and actress based between Atlanta, USA and Milan, Italy. 

Born in Detroit and raised in Atlanta, Dyci moved to Milan after graduating from the University of Georgia in 2011. Already being a Spanish speaker, she quickly learned Italian and began working in sports marketing. Months later, looking for a new challenge, Dyci decided to move to Munich, Germany. She had always had an interest in modeling and acting, but always put her studies first. Now having the time and resources, Dyci decided to pursue print modeling in Munich. In November of 2012, she decided to return to Atlanta in order to further nurture her career. 

While taking classes in Atlanta, Dyci began to travel as a tradeshow hostess and presenter, eventually joining Mazda as an automotive product specialist in 2013. 

Dyci's language abilities and passion for travel helped her begin a successful career spanning two continents. Her love for the industry and perseverance is what motivates her to continue to grow and refine her craft. She now regularly works in Europe and throughout the United States. 

Dyci speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and is available for worldwide travel.